Photo by Amit Gupta

What is Inti Binti?

Inti Binti is a creative hub, a digital collection of inspiration and exploration in creativity for women everywhere. We'd like to embrace our weird bit of obsessiveness with a dash of innovation. We seek to collaborate with writers, creatives, and business owners who share tips, projects, advice, and more.

Inti Binti currently focuses on three main work-from-home areas: blogging, creative business, and remote work. We'd love to open collaborations on topics that align with our vision. If you believe that your product is a great fit, we’ll be thrilled to hear from you so that we can discuss the specifics of the project in detail.

For general inquiries or collaboration requests, please send an email to info@intibinti.com

Some collaboration options we have in mind:

  • Advertising space 
  • Sponsored content
  • Reviews for your services and/or products
  • Special links
  • Store mentions
  • Endorsements
  • Challenges & giveaways
  • Brand ambassadorships