13 Free & Customizable Templates for Aspiring Lifestyle Bloggers

We spent a few days sat down, just going through hundreds of Blogger templates to bring you this list of beautiful ones. They are professional-looking, ready to take you to the next level. Some are only available as free, but many come with paid versions. They're all customizable and responsive, so you can be sure they'll look good on mobile.

1. Blueberry

Clean and fashionable in black, grey, and red. We like Blueberry's neat dropdown menu and the under post widgets. With a customized comment meta element under the title, this is a theme that can help you keep track of blog engagements and direct your focus into building your blogging community. Plus, who doesn't like blueberries?

Blueberry demo

2. Olivia

With Olivia, we're spoiled with choices. This theme comes in two versions: light and dark. It cleverly makes use of the footer area to showcase Flickr images, post labels, and your logo. We like that it has a meta section to display the amount of time it takes to read the posts.

Olivia light demo

Olivia dark demo

3. Backpack

Backpack from Theme Xpose, probably the fanciest we've seen so far. This theme can really host scores of huge images and then arranges them on sliders to fit and showcase all the beautiful photographs of your last travels. Instead of labels, adorable handmade icons are positioned on the navigation panel.

Backpack demo

4. Holiday

This is the theme we're currently trying out for Inti Binti. It's focused on a sense of place, which plays a fundamental role in how our identity is shaped. Our environment dictates a sense of belonging, constructs meaning, foster attachments, and determines the ways we mediate change.

Holiday demo

5. Lexal/Lexel

Lexal/Lexel, not sure how it's really spelled, is a bold and visual theme with promo boxes to direct readers to your blog categories. A large header of slideshow images and an under post widget section for all your Instagram feeds and YouTube channels.

Lexal/Lexel demo

6. Lavender

Lavender is a wonderful theme designed by Odd Themes. It is available in a grid style or single posts, along with all the elements you'd expect to see in a lifestyle blog: an Instagram feed, a contact form, social media subscription buttons, and ad banner spots.

Lavender demo

7. Narrator

This is yet another Odd Themes' stylish, grid theme that we think would be a good fit for a lifestyle blog, in particular a creative lifestyle. We love the way the theme contains a frame and a link to Behance, signaling creativity, and collaboration.

Narrator demo

8. Best

This isn't Theme Xpose's most recent design, but it's certainly looking premium. With sliding hot posts, recent post widgets, ad-ready placing, Instagram and Pinterest feeds, your lifestyle blog is sure to stand out.

Best demo

9. Monica

A fabulous and clean theme from Way2Themes. Monica is an option for lifestyle bloggers with a focus on social reach. You certainly can personalize the colors and add more widgets.

Monica demo

10. Autumn

Autumn is definitely a theme to consider. A major plus point of this theme is the automatic slider image on blog posts that appear if you stack images together. We also love the font for the summary, but if you look at the blog posts individually you'll see that the mobile-sized font needs to be significantly larger if you want to read it on a desktop.

Autumn demo

11. Ratio

This theme is also suitable for a magazine type blog. We really like the way it can rearrange all our cover photos into a mood board, which reminds us of Pinterest. For your lifestyle blog, Ratio looks clean and simple with smaller images on the homepage. The individual post page has a related post widget below, and an Instagram feeds on the bottom. We noted that this theme looks good up to gadgets with at least 400px width. Anything smaller and you'd need to puzzle out the layout.

Ratio demo

12. Beauty

If you want a blog that has the scrapbook feel, take a look at Beauty from Template Clue. This personal lifestyle template has all the touches you'd expect, photograph frames, watercolor illustration, and a beautiful Instagram feed on the header.

Beauty demo

13. Aurora

Aurora is a free template from Georgia Lou Studio. What we love about the theme is the way it maximizes the entire screen and how readable the font is. The layout feels clean, minimal and somewhat effortless. Even with the Pinterest and Instagram sidebar widgets, it doesn't feel distracting.

Aurora demo

Each of these 13 themes has its own uniqueness, but they all share one thing in common: responsiveness. You'd expect responsive themes to automatically adjust to different screen sizes and different types of gadgets, but that doesn't mean that it will look good on all and every gadget out there. Just the most popular ones.

We're currently only focusing on Blogger themes right now, but a few of these themes, like Backpack, are also available for Wordpress. Which theme is currently installed on your blog? How has it worked out for you so far?

Be sure to check out our post on choosing a blog template for some more tips on the topic. If you find this article to be useful, do share it on Twitter, Facebook or email it to a friend who you think would also benefit from this list. 

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